The foundation slowly sinks engulfed by earth

Swallowed stories rot away

Overrun vines intertwine the sagging roof

Weaving stories down paths of rejuvenation

Silent walls hold an image now screaming 

Only heard by curious eyes

Imaginations liberate sophistical illustrations

Drawn by historical stereotypes

Simple cherished childhoods, still have abused little kids, the one dream, respectful community,  society elite, country living, peaceful gardens, clothes lines, wood burning stoves, strings on front porches, simple knowledge worked for the precession of the stars blocked spiritual 

light creeps  

the comforting past

Gravitates into abandonment

Revived and recollected in everything 

We lived together so what?  

Cervantes, Borges & Lew Wallace  

relations could make that collective dream

birthing a new dawning of one united  

Horror bliss despair faith

Emotionless invented feelings

Idealistic visions

Desires to escape

Retire onto that winding mountain road

The creek bends are carved from memories

Sunlight pierces through the flapping leaves

Ejaculating daydreams of hope 

materialize if they recognize their mixed son

infusing the nation sparks 

Love this new idea burns 

your will is beautiful any direction  


mystic instincts  

mystic instincts